26.05.23 - 28.05.23 Alanya Tourism and Art Festival

26.05.23 - 28.05.23 Alanya Tourism and Art Festival
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The Municipality of Alanya is organizing the 20th Alanya International Tourism and Art Festival from 26.05.2023 - 28.05.2023.

Video Tourism and Art Festival 2019

Every year the festival is organized on an international level with the participation of different themes and partner cities to promote Alanya's cultural values and heritage. The values that are present in our culture are highlighted in the festivals that have taken place over the years. The titles of this event held so far have been inspired by themes such as Seljuk times, cocooning, weaving, local cuisine, nomadic migrations, and bananas. From the past to the present, Alanya is reflected in the black and white photo exhibitions, which have become a tradition in the festival area and emerged with the contributions of the people of Alanya. During the festival, in which sister city delegations and foreign residents of Alanya actively participate, in addition to music and dance performances, exhibitions on various themes are held in Kzlkule and the surrounding historical places. The Seljuk clothes, Seljuk kitchen utensils, and artifacts from Alanya Castle are included in the exhibition. There are also traditional handicrafts on display, such as ini, illumination, glass blowing, mother of pearl work, calligraphy, miniature and natural stone processing. There are photo exhibitions, silk flowers, and banana fiber works. The 100th anniversary celebrations of the Baltic states will be held during the festival. 

Event Date: 26.05.2023 - 28.05.2023