Sport Activities in Alanya and the Beach

The most important sport activities like Beach Football or swimming in Alanya

Sport Activities in Alanya and the Beach
Sport Activities in Alanya


Alanya has nice weather all year round, making it a great place for sports. Particularly the coastline is a good choice for walking with the great sea view. In this region where many people want to do sports, the most popular sports are beach sports. In the spring and especially in the summer, you see many people playing beach volleyball and football on the beaches. You can play beach volleyball and beach football in Alanya. The football field is also located in front of the Alanya Youth and Sports Center.

Beach Voleyball

You can use your spare time to do sports that you enjoy, instead of allocating it to chores. When you take a break, be sure to include sports. That way, you can use the holiday to reward yourself with something you enjoy and keep healthy too.

Favorable conditions can make Alanya a great vacation spot for sports enthusiasts. There are many opportunities to do your favorite sports without interruption, and with a beautiful view of the open sea. There are many outdoor activities that people can partake in during the summer. This includes basketball, table tennis, and, tennis among several others.


The most beautiful sport in Alanya is swimming, because the sea appears brilliant. Swimming offers many benefits, working many muscle groups at the same time. You can swim constantly in Alanya, where you can swim 7 months of the year. Besides swimming, you can also canoe in the water. The next is that Alanya is cycling friendly, with many people using it as a means of transportation while going to work.


Also Fitness centers are very accessible in Alanya, with more than one available per neighborhood. These fitness centers also offer short-term memberships that are convenient for those who come on vacation and want to work out. So Alanya has many sports opportunities. You can exercise outdoors day and night, play different sports like volleyball and table tennis, and bike around Alanya.