Water Sports Alanya

Water Sport in Alanya makes fun und much more. Enjoy Jet Ski Diving or Banana Boat.

Water Sports Alanya
Water Sports in Alanya


Take advantage of the water sports services Alanya has to offer when you visit. One of the best ways to have an entertaining day on the beach is to enjoy a game of water sports. Action-packed summer days are best spent in the Mediterranean with your friends. Activities such as Jet Ski and water sports can be very fun. When you're looking for a fun water sport, a jet ski is indispensable. You'll find it in many places around Alanya, and it's possible to rent time with a jet ski from the area that provides water sports services on the beaches near Alanya.

Banana Boats are one of the most enjoyable water activities. They hold 8 people at a time and can be connected to speedboats. The driver shakes the banana and falls over with everyone, which is the most fun part of the game. You can find these games in Alanya, and they come from water sports on the beaches.

Parasailing is a fun way to have a unique experience on the sea. The parachute slowly rises above the water as you speed through the water on your boat. You can ride alone or with a friend and enjoy incredible views while you fly down. Parasailing can be found almost anywhere in Alanya.

Diving is a popular activity that allows people to dive down into the world of the sea. It is one of the best ways to explore the underwater world, and it can be an especially rewarding experience for those who are passionate about oceans. If you are interested in diving, you should go to Alanya Pier, meet with an experienced instructor, and wear appropriate gear. Once you do so, you will be able to take images underwater. Diving is one of the most efficient ways for you to have a relaxing time and do something new.

Ringo is the fastest and most active water sport. With the help of a speedboat, Ringo creates a constant movement on the water. You jump on the water from time to time while falling in many times to get an exciting experience. It's highly enjoyable and you can do it with friends.

Flyfish – this activity is done by towing out with a speed boat, and can have you floating in the air or on top of the water. This is quite fun on the water and you will feel like you are flying. But there are much more water sports for you in Alanya to customice and to consume. Also there are a number of water sport providers in Alanya. If you're looking for an action packed holiday, try one of the many water sports in this area.